How To Keep Fiery Passion In Your Marriage

He gently kissed her head and put her hair behind her ear. Forbidden, but so beautiful. He was gentle with her, she was everything to him. His wife, his best friend, his lover.

When he thought about her, he could feel his heart skip a beat. He held his head against her breasts and tried to control his body from going crazy, because she was so close.

He didn’t want to respond so intensely but she was so soft, so tender, so precious. She was perfect. He turned and looked right into her eyes, then gently bit her bottom lip. The tips of their tongues touched. She tasted like freedom, from a life of denying what he always wanted but could not have.

He could not control himself. He was protective of her mind, her body and her soul. She deserved the best. She was so broken but so beautiful. He started to kiss her neck gently, he could see her toes curl. She loved it. His heart was pounding.

She was his and he, was hers. Two souls that had become one flesh.

He kept gently inching his way down her neck, but she stopped him. Their bodies were going crazy. It was insane. It felt so overwhelming for her, she didn’t know how to take it all in. He held her, they cried, it was meant to be.

He pressed his lips against hers. He could feel her breathe gently upon his face. Her breath sweet like nectar dripping down a freshly bitten fruit.

He breathed her in. It wasn’t all about sex, it was about feeling every part of each other, on every level.

It was about inhaling her essence and exhaling her pain.

Her sweat dripped onto his body, but they were past the point of return. She sat on top of him, and flipped her hair back, as it gently fell across her shoulders, shimmering in the sun. She smiled as his eyes locked with hers.

He smiled back, as he watched her move her body against his. He pushed her hair to one side of her neck and kissed down her back. Then he rolled her over and sweetly kissed down her thighs. One gentle kiss at a time. She was trembling, and his heart was pounding even harder, she was stunning.

He pushed her to the bed and put her hands above her head, holding them there gently, he began to rub his body against hers. DAM, she was gorgeous! Every flaw, every scar. He put his lips on them and kissed them, knowing they were all a part of her story. He loved her soul. Every broken piece.

He was consumed by her fire and in love with her desire to be brave.

They made love as if the world was ending. Husband and wife getting lost in the moment. Making time stand still while they inhaled every inch of each other.

As they made love he whispered, “I love you beautiful.” She stopped and kissed his lips whispering back, “I love you too.”

Breathless, they giggled as they laid there after together. She felt fed by his passion to please her and he felt fed by her passion to consume him mind, body and soul.

He pulled her close into his body. He wanted to feel her heartbeat against his. She made him crazy. Forbidden, all he could do was dream about her smile, and picture her beauty. He felt desperate at times to be near her but he always pushed her away.

To love her so intensely terrified him, he was too afraid. It made him physically ache.

He played it all out in his mind, making sure to keep his own heart safe. Forbidden by his own walls. Trapped by the fear of ever being discarded.

He wanted to talk until they fell asleep. He wanted to laugh until their faces hurt. He wanted to be her everything and she wanted him to be her everything. He wanted to take her fragile soul and soothe her pain.

He wanted her to know she had always been beautiful to him. He never wanted to let her go.

So he kept thinking about her, knowing it could never be. Knowing it was forbidden, knowing that he would always love her. Knowing he would never be fully complete having had to push her away all of his life. It hurt, he ached to his core!

But he deeply loved her, he could never throw away something he cherished so immensely. He would always have his dreams and his thoughts that he could hold onto, knowing he would never truly feel her in his arms.

As the wind blew upon his face, he thought about her. As the sun shined upon his face he missed her, as he went to bed at night he whispered, “you will always be the piece of me that’s missing.”

Then, he woke up and realized, it was all a dream and his missing piece was right beside him. Nothing forbidden, but his heart allowing the depth of his love to be truly felt.

His biggest nightmare was never feeling the inside of her mind and soul ever again. Thank God it was only a dream.

It was never about being lost in the madness, but it was all about being consumed by the beauty of a broken heart that was mended by his. Two broken hearts becoming one complete in love.

Beat by beat, they conquered life while his heart carried hers….

She was crazy, she was wild, she was messy, she was gorgeous, she was passionate, she was stubborn, she was precious, and she was his.

As he got out of bed, he gently kissed her forehead and whispered, “you are my dream, my fantasy and my reality, I love you sweetheart always and forever you are mine.”

So how do you keep fiery passion in marriage?

You fall in love and never let go. You date each other and never stop. You never give up at the same time. You touch each other like the world may end in that moment.

You learn each other’s bodies, minds and souls. You remember to always try and be kind and considerate like you would be with a stranger.

But most importantly you make God your foundation within your marriage and you never let outside influences come in between you both. You protect your marriage for the precious love story it is or can be one day.

He chose you and you chose him for a reason, always go back to that when you need to find some passion. Sex is a beautiful thing when it’s with someone you love and are committed too.

In the end, you both are in it together. It’s your world, and your life you are building and it’s your journey, so make it count.

Ps; one more thing, if you both do quit at the same time in a heated moment, take some space, then find your way back to each other. ~Joannie Rosevear

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