God Does Not Want You To Be Abused!

This is for Christian women who believe they have to stay in an abusive relationship because God isn’t ok with divorce. Also for the women who think they should stay because it’s the “right” and “Christian” thing to do.

I want you to understand this, God also isn’t ok with someone abusing you, period!

There are exemptions when it comes to certain things and abuse is one of them. Why would anyone believe God would want any woman to stay and be abused? Why would a loving and faithful God want that for you? Are you not his precious daughter whom he adores?

There is no variance when it comes to family violence be it physical or mental. I believe in that case you leave no matter what and if they’re willing to get help and prove they’ve changed, then and only then can you maybe consider reconciliation.

Abuse comes in many forms.

Sexual Violence. …

Emotional Violence. …

Psychological Violence. …

Spiritual Violence. …

Cultural Violence. …

Verbal Abuse. …

Financial Abuse. …

Husbands are supppose to love their wives and love isn’t abusive! Anyone who tries to guilt trip you into staying in an abusive relationship by using God, is being spiritually abusive.

What do we as Christian women make God look like when our husband is beating us mentally, physically or verbally and we don’t stand up for ourselves?! We’re saying Gods ok with this and he’s NOT!

God has never said any of us needed to be or should be abused for his sake. He’s never said it’s ok. In fact he tells us exactly how our husbands are suppose to treat us in his word. There needn’t be any confusion.

Can you divorce an abusive man and remarry?! Yes it’s ok to divorce and remarry in this instance. God does not re-abuse a woman (meaning make her be alone forever) or penalize a woman for having to leave a marriage due to abuse. OR shame her, OR blame her, for someone else’s actions.

If the person is unwilling to change, then you’re left with no other choice but to move on. You can pray and pray and pray, but ultimately people have choice and God won’t go against their free will, EVEN if it means continuing to abuse their wife and children.

Of course it doesn’t mean don’t pray about and for the marriage, but like I said if the person is unwilling to change then you are free to move on.

The Bible does not discuss the abuse topic or divorce and remarriage if you’re being abused. It’s common sense. God tells us how our husbands are to treat us.

God does not draw the line at adultery as the only allowance for divorce and remarriage. But then when a woman is being mentally and or physically beaten to a pulp, and the man is unwilling to change, turn around and say she can’t divorce him and remarry. She must suffer a lonely and unfulfilling life. No way. God is NOT an abusive God! ~written by Joannie Rosevear

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