For All The Women Who Feel They Have Failed God

For all of the women who feel you’ve failed God because you’ve had sex before marriage, because you’ve yelled or cursed at your kids, because you’ve gotten into the wrong relationships, because you had a baby out of wedlock, because you’ve struggled with addictions, because you’ve been promiscuous, because you can never seem to get your life together…….

KNOW THIS, the ONLY way you can fail God is by completely rejecting him. The ONLY way you can fail God is by giving up on him and walking away for good. The ONLY way you can fail God is by not accepting his forgiveness every single time you need it. The ONLY way you can fail God is by giving up on yourself.

You’re his daughter and a loving parent NEVER gives up on their child no matter how far off the path they’ve gone.

You don’t have to keep asking for forgiveness for being human, God’s already extended all of the forgiveness and grace you will ever need. That’s what he did for you at the cross. He knows everything you’re going to do before you ever do it. He’s not angry with you for being human and not getting it all right. He knows. When you asked him into your heart at any time in your life, it was a done deal and completely sealed.

It doesn’t matter how much you’ve messed up, it doesn’t matter if you keep messing up, even though you’re trying desperately not too. It doesn’t matter what you look like to everyone else as long as you keep searching for him. Keep getting to know him. Keep trying. Keep talking to him. Keep believing and don’t let anyone or anything tell you that you’re not worthy because NONE of us are!

The woman you think that has it all together with God, doesn’t. None of us ever do. We all fight and struggle to accept grace and let go of shame. But, that’s what he wants all of us to do! Except his grace, and stop beating ourselves up, search for the right path and if you can’t stay on it, keep trying until you can.

He freaking loves you so much no matter what! He knows how messed up we are and that’s why we need a Saviour. He will teach you and guide you. Keep listening and before you know it he will have you built into the best version of you ever thought possible.

DO NOT LET Satan convince you that you’re too far gone, or not good enough, or too broken for God! Or that the lady over there is doing it right and you’ve got it all wrong. I promise you she’s struggling too.

God’s most beautiful masterpieces usually came from the most broken messes. These masterpieces have been through it all. These people know that Gods not looking for perfection, he’s looking for connection.

You don’t have to worry everyday about trying to be anyone but you. He will show you, change you, mold you and grow you. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for not being where God is taking you yet. He knows when and how!

So hold your broken head up high because you are the daughter of a King and you are about to be crowned. 👑 ~Written by ~Joannie Rosevear

God’s most beautiful masterpieces usually come from the most broken messes…

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