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For All Of The Women Who Feel You Have Failed God

For all of the women who feel you have failed God because you’ve had sex before marriage, because you’ve yelled or cursed at your kids, because you’ve gotten into the wrong relationships, because you had a baby out of wedlock, because you’ve struggled with addictions, because you’ve been promiscuous, because you can never seem toContinue reading “For All Of The Women Who Feel You Have Failed God”


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Hi, I’m Joannie. I am the Founder and CEO of CWSG now for seven years. I am a mother of five lovely’s and a freelance writer. I love writing about my experiences in life to help others along their way. Some of my journeys have been full of joy, pain, laughter and hardships. I love living a healthy, passionate and organized life. I would say I’m authentically in love with people just because and awesomely obsessed with organizing. But hey, that’s me. I have so much to share with you all on so many different topics

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